Privacy Policy

The privacy of our visitors to Onedasti is important to us

Here at we understand the significance of protecting your information. Allow us to provide you with details, about the kinds of information we gather and receive when you visit and use well as our methods, for ensuring its security. Rest assured that we never disclose your information to any parties.


PRIVACY POLICY Regarding Log Files

Like websites we gather and utilize the data found in log files. These log files contain information, like your IP address (internet protocol) your ISP (internet service provider, such as AOL or Shaw Cable) the browser you used to access our site (, like Internet Explorer or Firefox) the timestamp of your visit and the pages you browsed on our site.

​Cookies may use the following cookies:

  •  Cookies, for customizing the user interface (to store information, like the language of the users interface).
  • We use cookies to enable functionalities on our website that depend on user input among other things.
  •  We use cookies, for authentication purposes on allowing registered users to log in. Our platform also offers options through Google+ and Facebook which may utilize their cookies.
  •  Cookies used for analytics purposes, such, as Google Analytics and the AddThis service are stored directly by the providers of these tools.

Onedasti work with advertising companies, such, as Google to display ads and gather information when visitors come to our website. These companies may utilize data (excluding details like your name, address, email address or phone number) about your visits to our site and other websites. The purpose is to deliver advertisements across our site, other websites and various media formats that align with your interests, in products and services.

How to modify your cookie preferences?

You have the option to adjust your browser settings to either reject or accept cookies. Additionally you can configure your browser to automatically delete cookies when you close it or when you shut down your computer or device. To modify your cookie preferences please follow the instructions to your browser.

  • Google Chrome Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies
  • Firefox Preferences > Privacy.
  • nternet Explorer under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced.
  • Safari Preferences > Privacy.

When you visit for the time without having given your consent to the use of cookies, by you will come across a pop up window that informs you about the usage of cookies and provides a link to view the Privacy Policy. If you choose to close the window and proceed with browsing it means that you agree to the use of cookies and they will be installed on your computer or any other device used for browsing. However if you do not agree with our Privacy Policy please exit

Children’s Guidelines

At children who are not yet 18 years old can freely share their contact details publicly without needing their parents consent. If you are concerned, about your childs access to forums we recommend taking precautions. We kindly advise our users against disclosing any information, on platforms.

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